More will be added as the story progresses

Name: Mary Alice Furan

Nickname: Momo

Age: 17


Momo lives by herself in a small apartment in the city of New York. Her parents moved over seas for their business, they send her money to live on but she spends it all on books about the after life and beyond instead of the rent.

Name: Kabocha

Age: Unknown

Race: Ghoul

Kabocha lives in a pumpkin. He has power over pumpkins meaning he can make them grow any where.(even in your skin)

Checker and Shia
Names: Checker and Shia

Shia has no mouth and Checker has been turned into a puppet due to the curse put on them by The Haggy Witch. Now they run a small shop called The Found n' Lost where they find...or steal things people like or have lost. So if you lost something it just might be in Limbo.